Thabilé - Kedidi (Official Music Video)

I had the pleasure to mix the beautiful debut album "Dlamini Echo".

New tour dates 

Café des Chansons - Joyeux Noel

Recording, mixing & mastering

The Videoclip "Young" by O.R.A. is nominated for  the Hollyshots Festival 2017 in Hollywood.

7 Track EP "Cages" by ROM.

I was part in it's creation as lead guitarist, bass player and backing vocalist.

I was mixing and mastering the beautiful debut album of "Café des Chansons"

Lucy Echo - "The Way"

Written, Co-Produced & played by Lucy Echo

 Gloria Boateng - Bounce / New Clip

I was mixing the beautiful debut album of bass player Fil Caporali. Fortune Teller was being released with unit records.

The debut album of "Café des Chansons"

receives 5 out of 5 Stars in the dutch magazine "Het Parool". 

I was mixing the debut album of Thabilé.

Dlamini Echo. Check it out!

New Promo Package of

"Charlotte Haesen & Philip Breidenbach Duo"

Recording, Production, Mixing, Mastering

I was mixing the new EP of O.R.A.

"Organic Random Atmosphere" Great Band! Give it a listen!

"The Kingston Session" is best national reggae album of 2015 in RIDDIM magazine. 

Mixing, Co-production, lead guitar

and backing vocals.

The Video Clip "The Land you belong" by CHARLOTTE wins the Sonic Vision Award

for Best Music Video 2014.

I had the honour to mix the song.